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You are White and Fucking Guilty!
By Fred Beare

Whites in Britain, are it seems, eternally racist. After all, they created the legal system which Black, Asian and minorities now “suffer” under. Indeed, distrust of this legal system is preventing many of the little darlings from pleading guilty.

In fact, BAME are 52 percent more likely to plead not guilty than white defendants:

If that’s not racism I will eat Michelle Obama’s knickers. Oh God, forgive me for I know not what I say.

No mention here about the victims of those who are recommended to plead guilty. Doesn’t that mean that they did something fucking wrong? Well, the fact that some ethnic minorities have a greater incarceration rate for many crimes than whites, is explained away because of racism in the criminal justice system:

Look, racism is everywhere and you whites with your genes predisposing you to suicidal altruism, are guilty, guilty, guilty! AAAAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!

At some point, probably long before this, one should have shouted: BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! AND MORE BULLSHIT! It is all imploding on itself now, and soon it will come undone. Until then we eat shit and laugh like Nietzschean madmen:

Thriving in Bad Places

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