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The Italian Blow Job
By Andrew Ryan

Italy has been complaining that if members of the EU, such as Hungary or Slovakia build walls to ensure border protection, then Italy will withhold it funding to the EU budget:

Ordinary Italians are battling migrants, as seen in the village of Gorino, where local residents barricaded entrances to the town. This led to the Italian government relocating the latest flood of migrants.

Italy should be building a migrant-proof fence, rather than just funnelling the migrants onto northern Europe. The ocean could be wired off with nets, like those used to hold back sharks, and the Italian navy could tow migrant vessels away, or just not let them land. Instead, the Italian navy brings the migrants in:;;

It is effectively a migration agency! Gee, thanks, Italy!

Italy is thus fuelling the invasion of northern Europe by its complicity:

It will do so as long as Germany and the rest of cucked Europe pursues an open migration policy. Only those with nuts need apply.

It is not surprising that there is the beginning of a growing chasm between the north and south of Europe, because such cultures and ethnoracial subgroups are ultimately incongruent:

In the coming days of tribalism, this will need to be closely examined. After all, the Northern League (“Lega Nord”), people who largely are Nordic, wants to break away from the south of Italy, seeing the Mediterraneans in unflattering terms:

Why should unhappy marriages be held together just because some are doing well off of the deal? To tell with the nation state; bring back tribalism! Hair color, eye color and reasons of the blood are vastly more important than cultural, scientific and technological crap.

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ShepMarch 31, 2017 6:37 AM GMT+4

The Italian Navy has 2 aircraft carriers, 3 Marine Amphibious Landing ships, half a dozen subs and a fleet of ultra-modern surface ships. And what do they do with this multi-billion-lira armada?
responds:March 31, 2017 3:46 PM GMT+4

They have more carrier than the Brits!