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Goa Rape, Murder, Where the Fuck is That?
By Professor X

I just “love” those whites who travel to embrace cultural and racial diversity, even though even greater diversity is now throbbing in their backyard.

Why, now it is possible for some Swedish women raped by migrants to have 48 strains of semen in their brutalized bodies, inside their rectums and even way, way up in their digestive systems:

Now there’s diversity for you! What a job too, pumping all of that jungle juice up those hard to reach digestive passages. Sure makes a migrant rapist mighty thirsty. And a big thirst deserves a big drink! That is why 10 out of 10 migrant rapists drink new AIGHTISAB, the energy drink for migrant rapists. Full of added zinc and nutrients to replenish depleted semen reserves after a hard day of ejaculation and destroying virgins. AIGHTISAB, the official sponsor of open borders and migrant diversity.

And look, you don’t have to travel to be part of the white genocide, for it is even now recorded on the net:

Nevertheless, some people have the travel bug, especially the young, and think that they can find the meaning of fuckin’ life by doing a 1967 Beatles, and going East, in search of wisdom, grasshopper. But, even here, sometimes this all comes unstuck, resulting in rape and murder.

In this news cycle, we have this case:

God bless the Daily Mail, for giving a synopsis of each of its horror stories making life a little easier for lazy amateur journalists, like myself, who have to mark an insane level of basically plagiarized student social science papers:

“Man suspected of murdering British woman in Goa is taken to a police station with a bag over his head as police confirm the 28-year-old was raped before being strangled.

• Danielle McLaughlin's body was found naked in a pool of blood in a field in southern Goa on Tuesday morning.

• The 28-year-old, who lived in Liverpool, had been at a Holi celebration on Palolem beach on Monday night.

• Her naked body was found by a farmer in a pool of blood four miles away sparking a murder investigation.

• Suspect named as Vikat Bhagat, who police say is a known thief, has been arrested and 'made a confession'

• Bhagat, 23, told police that he sexually assaulted Ms McLaughlin and disfigured her face with a beer bottle

• CCTV footage has emerged showing Ms McLaughlin's final movements as she walked along a road in Goa.

• Ms McLaughlin's mother, Andrea Brannigan, said that her daughter will be 'sadly missed' following her death.

Beer bottle, disfigurement, rape, murder, that is the way the West is ending. Moreover, it is all captured on TV. Five hundred years of technology is not going to waste, for it is operating to record our demise, and its demise.

Look, they are dropping like flies:

Fear not, pilgrim! Natural selection, not god, is alive and well, and at work! If only it worked quicker, like yesterday.

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Sam J.March 30, 2017 4:25 PM GMT+4

It seems increasingly these links are being deleted. There's a movement to wash the truth.

The "so called" advertisers attack on Google is really just setting us up for the inevitable censorship of anything pro White. You think the anti_White narrative is bad now it's going to get worse. The antifa are now carrying AR's to protest. It seems that the Jews want to get the White's fighting each other, again. Remember that the Jews are the ones funding and pushing this narrative.