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Hey, Wanta See Some Hot Young Ass?
By Professor X

Just kidding. Now that I have your attention, yes, there is ass flashed, but it is from Obama’s daughter Malia Obama:

She got into a bit of an argument with a conservative journalist at this 21-and-over event, even though she should not have been there, being underage:

Just think; she is, libtards hope, a future presidential candidate in what will be, something that will not be, “America.” My god, so many negatives and negations. That’s how it is now though, nihil rules the waves.

Things are much simpler in Sweden, where migrants can watch porno with their 10-year-old victims before raping them:, or where eating bacon can get one in a heap of trouble:

The headline for that story, to whet your appetite is: “Swine-Eating Swede Tried for Racism After Shaking His Bacon at Mortified Muslims.” Who the fuck could sit down and create something as absurd as that?

But, don’t be too concerned about the economic plight of the mighty migrant, for now the progressive-to-death Swedish government… oh fuck, just read it, I’m already ready to smash my computer! Just Google: newly arrived migrant Sweden pay 75 % of pay. The college computer has blocked the site, as they do not believe in the First Amendment. It just happened because I must have kicked in the internet censorship device the college has installed, so I can’t put the URL in now. How long before James’ site is blocked, and I disappear, I do not know.

It is enough to make one want to smash a cyclist’s head in with a hammer:

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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