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Let Mother China Take ‘Em Back!
By Professor X

Sites like Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance push the line that East Asians are smarter than whites (mean IQ of 105 vs 100, even though there are papers challenging this, even though it is just an argument about means or averages), and also that East Asians are less violent. They are almost a master race. In the future, maybe not on this site, I intend to take all of this IQ frog shit to pieces, and I will be looking at Richard Lynn’s work with a fine statistical research comb. I may as well do something destructive with my less-than-useless social science training.

I checked Taylor’s boring site today and did not see anything about the new Paris riots by Chinese, merely because police killed a Chinese national. Hell, whites are shot dead all the time and whites do not riot, do they Jared? The Chinese authorities want the French to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals in France:

If mother China is so concerned about her citizens, based on the paranoid belief that one getting shot is a national issue, then let her take them all back. After all, overseas Chinese are always a part of China.

Also, let us see if Jared Taylor comments on this case, because East Asians are supposed to be more lawful (based on naïve arrest data, a totally stupid argument), than whites.

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