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Three Fingers of Rye at Altitude

Dingleberry photo

Is that Eve standing in the shrubbery, weeping willow wonderful!

Gentrification, another validation by the Z man.

Read this also when injured and recovering, foundation series is great! Visionary.

Dark side of the Moon, listened to the lyrics, this was the number 1 album in Salt Lake City, for men in our age group. They did a call in study on a radio station. Wow got my attention, this was my favorite rock group, memorized the lyrics on the radio. Was too poor to buy their albums as a kid. Money went for basics in high school, other than beer to wash down the pain in life. Damn, could we be our fathers?

Over a Beer

James, looking forward to Ron's stories, sounds similar to tales of the renegades in my family.

Forgot to add, Ron is too young to be carrying around that hardware, sounds like he can take it though I'll give a toast to his longevity, or not! May the will of my ancestors be with him!

One of his Uncles is Tattoo Rick from the logic of Steel and Logic of Force books, and When You're Food.

Savage 30/30 Mad Trapper.

The rifle used by Mad Trapper was a Savage, had a counter on the side to indicate number of rounds in rifle, also mag feed was not tube fed, like winchesters, this allowed more streamlined bullets to be shot, My father purchased his in 1930s in 1973 as a young man watched him put a bullet in a running deer at 75 yards, right in its ear.

On my way home today from work, saw Sparrow hawk dive from the power pole, catch a vole, and fly back to his perch. Got my attention—almost ran off the road!

Take care down there, flatlander.

When You're Food: Raw:

A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition

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