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Indonesian man found dead inside giant python

This may be the first recorded case in which a python killed and then consumed an adult human being. There are many documented cases of humans having been killed by large constrictors like pythons and anacondas (one incident even occurred in Canada:; however, previously there was no known case in which the snake was able to swallow its human victim afterward. In fact some herpetologists doubted that they could. They postulated that the shoulder width of even a small adult human might be too great for even the biggest snakes to get past their jaws. Even as tremendously wide as they are able to stretch their mouths. It’s not unusual for these snakes to occasionally kill animals that prove to be too large or irregularly shaped for them to consume and then end up dying in the attempt. In any event, it would appear that the mystery of whether or not a python could actually swallow an adult human has been solved. Don’t you feel better now?

Body of Indonesian man swallowed whole by monster 7m-long python is cut from its stomach by horrified villagers

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Friends discovered their missing pal in the belly of the snake after finding the animal sprawled out in his back garden

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