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Three Dickheads, Dead
The Rule of Three in the Sooner State

This is a strange and unusual home invasion perpetrated by some unlikely criminals who suffered a catastrophic failure in the victim selection process. They were shot dead.

“Three home invaders dressed all in black and wearing masks and gloves probably thought they’d easily overpower the owner of a Broken Arrow (OK) home. They clearly didn’t count on the homeowner’s adult son being there, armed with one of the best home defense firearms ever designed, an AR-15.”

“Ages of the deceased range from 16 to 18. Police say they had brass knuckles and a knife. 21 year-old woman talking to police now.” Burt Mummolo‏ @MummoloNews Mar 27


“Those intruders were identified as Maxwell Cook, 19, Jacob Redfern, 17, and Jaykob Woodriff, 16.” Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, was the getaway driver and appears to have been the shotcaller as well. “At the press conference, authorities also identified the shooter as 23-year-old Zach Peters.”


Three Home Invaders Discover World’s Best Home Defense Weapon


 It’s just like Grandpa always warned, if you keep going back to the salt lick you will eventually meet the hunter.


More on the bizarre home invasion robbery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Masked teenage burglars who were gunned down by homeowner's son had struck property ALREADY that day - and he pleaded with police to SAVE their lives

Three teenagers - Max Cook, 19, Jacob Redfearn, 17, and Jake Woodruff, 16 - were shot dead by Zachary Peters, 23, with his family's AR-15 rifle during burglary 

Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, is only survivor of four-strong gang who attempted a home invasion in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

The gang had already raided the property earlier, stealing alcohol from the garage then coming back hours later

Detectives have ruled out rumors she was pregnant by her lover Cook, and that they were trying to steal drugs, saying the house had no narcotics 

They say she DID know Peters' father and had previously been at the house 

Police released the 911 tape which shows how Peters begged for first aid for the teenagers he had shot - and that he did not realize he had hit all three

Audio shows Peters barricaded himself in the bedroom as he pleaded for help

Check out the photos in the link below of this rainbow gang of criminal thugs: Latina, whigger, rad whigger and mystery meat—good riddance.



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