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A store clerk rejected her 'dirty jar' of pennies. She came back with guns.

© Melbourne Police Department Melbourne Police seeking woman after incident at 7-Eleven on Babcock March 29, 2017.

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Police say they have been tipped off to the possible identity of a woman who tried to pay for goods using what authorities described as an "old, dirty jar of pennies," before getting into an argument and threatening to kill the store clerk when he rejected the payment method.

“We’re still trying to identify her. Someone called us with the information last night,” said Lt. Steve Sadoff of the Melbourne Police Department.

The woman, dressed in black, turned up about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday at a 7-Eleven in an incident captured on surveillance camera. Police said the woman picked up several items and then presented the clerk with pennies for payment.

“She had a bunch of pennies in a jar. They clerk said they were dirty, gunked-up pennies. That’s when the argument started,” Sadoff said.

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