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Hey been trying to reach you. Hope all is well. If I can't reach you soon I'll have have to enlist the help of Uber Joe to make sure you're in good health somewhere.  

Revamped my site and have been getting a decent response. If you could check out something I wrote and offer feedback I'd appreciate it. 

Writing is a weird craft where I seemingly need reassurance that I'm performing well. Boxing I know I did my job if someone is unconscious, fearful, or bleeding profusely. Needless to say I'm still getting used to rating my own writing but til then...

Here's the link:

Thanks again James

Well, Oliver, since all I paid attention to in English class was Miss Murphey's big white ass and long blonde hair, I find myself unqualified to advise on technique. But, as a boxing coach of some ill-fame I might encourage by way of inverted analogy—unlike boxing, as a writer, if the person on the receiving end of your work is unconscious at the end of the round, that's not a good thing.

After I review your article I'll write a piece on composition: Invasive Art: The Reader/Writer Contract.

In the mean time let see what other knucklehead got popped in Harm City.

Okay Oliver, that was better than what The Sun Paper has printed, veering into the false positivity of mourning associates and staying there. They just played the Davis responds angle because they are whores. You placed it in proper context and left a yawning moral question hanging over the corner of Pennsylvania and North instead of giving the reader false closure. Congrats, even though you're black, the guilty white libs at The Sun will never hire you until you learn how to lie in a commercially justifiable way.

I might add that standout pro Eddie Van Kirk, lunk-headed heavyweight pro Mike Dietrich, and three pro kick-boxers that I know of, have suffered the very same fate. The emasculated man-children of Baltimore, when they take up their guns, like nothing more than hunting the dangerous psychological beast that is the prize-fighter.

Also of importance is the question of our craft you propose, which will be the subject of Part Two.

Good job, and do a follow up piece. You opened some readers up with this so you need to try and plug that hole in the soul with something honest.

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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