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My Sister’s Site
Novelist Sheri Broadbent

Okay, I knew my little sister was writing a set of novels—even read two of them—but I didn’t realize she had the same taste in chicks as I did. Sheri, I want a date with the model that posed for your site banner—no strings attached, I’m an aging gentleman you know. Really, if she’s busy—or squeamish—the babe on the swing set will do. I’m not any better looking than last you saw me, but the back hair is about an inch long now, might go well with the werewolf theme of your books…

In any case, Sheri is now back at it full time after landing some genius husband with a big bankroll. By the way, Sheri’s daughter is the girl that owns Dark-Eyed-Girl Books [Taboo You, linked below] and has published my better looking titles that required some sense of graphics and is also photo-shopping covers for my own ham-fisted apemanship of the book designer’s craft.

Check her art and books out at the link below.

Taboo You: Deluxe Man Cave Edition

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