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The Discovery of Dindustan!
Kidney Punch, Precison, Dindu, Dindus, Hoodrat, Ghetto...

Oliver Wendell Hayes

By the way I happened to check out some of your site stats while attempting to look up mine.

I'll share some stats with you.

72% of your readers are from the US ( the rest are either behind a vpn or from elsewhere)

On average most people read 1.8 articles on your site before leaving.

You have 44 sites linking back to you, including mine, but the top 3 are allrightforum, zerohedge, & livestrong

30% of your traffic is from google searches but 20 of that percentage are unique visitors(great stat)

Now what do they search for to get to you?

1. kidney punch (with a whopping 86.4%)

2. james lafond (5.68%)

3. precision beats power (1.13%)

4. dindu (0.54%)

5. dindus (0.50%)

I laughed out loud at the last 2 that people actually type that in to get to you. Now here's the crazy part. I did the same thing for my site and my top keywords that people use to get to my site are james lafond baltimore, hood rat getto. & hood rat ghetto. in that order

fyi I checked the article I wrote reviewing Hoodrat Halloween and it has 580 reads.

PS:Just typed in a couple of those keywords. When I typed Dindu you didn't appear until page 5 a quarter of the way down, so you have some Dindu dedicated readers to stick it out that long to get through 5 pages of search queries. Article that appeared was Dindu Cosmology.

Next I typed in kidney punch and you were *drumroll* number 1 in all of google. Article that appears is "What does a kidney punch do?" I remember reading that when you posted. Congratulations on that.

From the Dindustan Throne

Thank you, Oliver. You know, as the King of Dindustan, with all of these ghetto hoodrats under my sandaled feet, I could use a Viceroy—the position comes with a seraglio stocked with BT-1100s and mudsharks. Let me know if you're interested. You'd look great in the purple vest with sash. Oh, make sure that you disable Dindu searches out of North Africa. Since we're on the map I'd rather not have any of that rabble banging at the palace gate.

A Hoodrat Halloween: The Legend of Reggiemon Thom

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La ManoMarch 31, 2017 11:48 AM UTC

Interesting stats!

I originally came here from the Z-man blog link, but since bookmarked for daily reading.

I read ALL the posts and articles every day, unless one is a pointer to something I already read somewhere else.

As long as we're in statistics space -

Probably 50% of the list content I'm in "YES!" agreement with (with a fist pump), 30% of it I'm "Yeah, I can see that but I wouldn't have said it that way" and 20% (generally having to do with religion and family life) I go "Aw, that's bullshit, he should know better than that!"

Overall, it's part of my day, part of my Senior Man Continuing Education program, and I wouldn't miss it.
responds:March 31, 2017 3:44 PM UTC

Hell, La Mano, you agree with me more than I do!

Thanks for the support.