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Varg: 'Playful to the Grave'
The Smartest Man With Balls on You Tube Speaks about a 'More Positive European World View'

Europe sold my ancestors into slavery, so fuck Europe. But this is interesting.

Note that Varg, a convicted murderer, is afraid of speaking directly about what is going on in Europe for fear of going back to prison.

Some of you might think that Varg is nuts for having killed a man with his hands. But to me, that gives him legitimate status as a person. If you think he's exaggerating about Rome, just play Rome: Total War, or read Caesar's book.

Of course, he's spot on with Muslim slavery. In their defense, however, all Muslims are slaves, as one of two Arabic terms for slave shows up in most of their names.

The Mongols did exterminate vast numbers of people. Interestingly, after they did this, it was for once safe to travel across Asia, because there was nothing but bleached bones and pyramids of skulls to molest the traveler. This fact, as with the Pax Romana, should give pause to law and order types.

Varg's grasp on history is surprisingly good. Really, there has not been a better, more concise history of Europe that I know of. Varg condenses Will Durant's massive masterpiece into to ten blunt minutes.

The final video, Gods of Europe, is excellent.

My favorite video, is the first one, on The Superior Man, on domestication. I love his redneck imitation. Varg is the smartest person out there in terms of understanding human adaptation. All of the poets, from the nameless scribe of Gilgamesh, to Homer, to the nameless Bard of Beowulf, agreed with his perspective on auto-domestication. We are, by the way, the fruit of civilization, 15 IQ points below that of our great grandparents.

"If you want a strong, intelligent, hard-working, creative, human species, than you ought to turn to barbarism and let this man be recreated."

The fourth video down, There were no Superstitions, is very close to my heart, as my closest and most distant friend on this planet and I both believe in this and little else.

By the Wine Dark Sea

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BobApril 2, 2017 6:16 AM GMT+4

Marlon Brando, as Colonel Kurtz, reads T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"
BobApril 2, 2017 6:07 AM GMT+4

On killing and arrant hypocracy.
BobApril 2, 2017 5:49 AM GMT+4

One of his best videos is "We are not Africans"

He doesn't name the culprit (weather eye on Fabius-Gayssot law and LICRA), but here's a hint: Muslims, much less Africans, don't own the banks or media.