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'Punkass Kids'
More Black Mob Violence—Everywhere...

Look, the hell with the analysis. I'm three beers in. Time to tune into Tommy Sotomayor and chant, "Chip out!"

This first incident happened in Maryland, down in College park, one of the most crime ridden campuses in the nation. At 9:20 police deploy pepper spray. Turn the sound down because the entire planet of the apes is about to Chimp out!

On Bitches

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BobApril 2, 2017 7:28 AM GMT+4

Good blacks, bad blacks; they're all tractable were it not for their weaponization. <i>Cui bono</i>?

The fact that stories aren't featured by an aghast MSM is perfectly understandable if one considers which bloc controls its editorial decisions, when it doesn't own it outright. Try raising the finance to set up a racially truthful media property. Good luck with the WASPS that run Wall St.!
Sam J.April 1, 2017 7:52 PM GMT+4

I swear that in the first video when they hit them with pepper spy some of the cries sound exactly like Chimps freaking out. It's the exact same vocalizations.