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Harm City Hoodrats Driving Hard!
Murder Bowl Score is Up 46% Over Last Year!

It's my birthday—Jeremy, give it up, bro!

The Harm City hoodrats have come out smoking the competition.


Brutha, please!

I spoke with the J-Brain downstairs, a large Lithuanian computation device who only charges me four hundred bucks a month to access his baseball cap-covered super computer—and he lets me live here, too.

This is what the J-Brain had to say when I fed him the relevant data:

"If we keep on this pace, by the end of the year we will have 465 hits. That's a big leap over last year considering the drop in population and the previous season's average of 318. Personally, I think we can do better. I wouldn't put 500 beyond the realm of the possible."

What's that I hear, out the window of my toxic tree house J.B.—the sweat sound of a poleese siren heralding—one can only hope—another Harm City Hoodrat home run!

Then I read the link at the bottom of the page and felt like a bitch-ass nigga. We might be able to take the Middleweight title in the Murder Bowl, but Caracas is off the hook and over the moon...

'Nobody feels safe no more': Baltimore hits 79 murders

by Joy Lambert Wednesday, March 29th 2017


BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The human toll of deadly crime in Baltimore is now at 79.

With March 29 marking the 86th day of 2017, the city is seeing nearly one homicide per day. By this time in 2016, the city reached 54 homicides.

On Wednesday, the city had two murders in the middle of the day. One was at a popular BP gas station at the corner of Reisterstown Road and Garrison Boulevard.

Shatara Shaw lives down the street from the gas station. She says: “It's just getting out of hand. It needs to stop.”

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Venezuela says murders soared to 60 per day in 2016

Thriving in Bad Places

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