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The Perfect Paradise
North Sentinel Island

“They don’t want anything to do with us. Are they right?”


Hell yes, they are right. Do you think their women run the show there? Jeremy, I think we should make this a tourist trap—literally. SJWs could be dropped off in rubber boats. The women must be sterilized so that when they are raped they can't pollute the island Gnome. Is there any way we could sell this to the Indian government? We could put go-pros on the SJWs and conduct a lottery to raise funds for conserving Hindu shrines. This would be like a horror movie where you bet on the fate of the SJWs. Send them a coy of Rambo, just the scene with Sly downing the helicopter with the stone.


The Indian Government currently prohibits contact with North Sentinel Island. The Indian Coast Guard keeps tourists and meddlers away from the island.

See the video.

Stunning paradise island where the locals fire arrows at passing helicopters and KILL unwanted tourists

The inhabitants of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean are thought to number around 400 but little else is known about them due to their hostility

He: Gilgamesh: Into the Face of Time

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