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Mad Dog Mattis on the NK Scent?
World War Update - Defense Sec. James Mattis says North Korea ‘Has Got to Be Stopped'

Yeah, North Korea needs to be stopped…but WE are not going to do it. Not unless or until North Korea launches a missile at us. It might even have to nuke a city or two first. Otherwise there is no political will in our government for a pre-emptive strike. Even if a war is forced upon us there is reason to question whether our political leadership will have the stomach to see it through to the bitter conclusion. America is broke and severely politically divided. Everybody can see that.

Oh well, I suppose this sort of saber rattling does serve the purpose of placing some doubt in NK’s mind. Doubt that befuddled as its current social and political elites are, America might, just might, revert to its atavistic, pre-PC state if pushed far enough and obliterate anyone who messes with it. Even in its weakened state America still possesses that capability.

In the meantime, as they say, doing nothing is always an option. The situation in North Korea could resolve itself over time. It’s a sheer wonder the impoverished Communist regime continues to hold together as it does.

“Sparta is an old dog, but she still has her teeth.”

–Alexander the Great

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Sam J.April 2, 2017 5:39 PM GMT+4

I've often thought that a decent compromise between doing nothing and a full scale attack would be the UN or maybe just a consortium of Asian nations declare them nuts and just shoot down every rocket they launch no matter what it's for. Every launch gives them more data if they were all blown up it would really screw with their research. If we did such a thing I would study the caves they have their artillery in on the border and target each one with a massive slew of Thermobaric weapons. Nasty evil missiles that blow the hell out of everything. The Germans experimented with a version in WWII. You make a fine mist then ignite it. It's like a mini nuke. The Russians stopped a Western Ukraine drive in their tracks with Thermobaric weapons I heard. Completely destroyed the whole entire army.