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Filthiest of the Filthy Few
Back Story for the Filthy Few with WellRead Ed, White Devil of North Dindustan

Charles “Downtown Charlie Brown” Wells is an independent biker who runs his own small-time, big-risk, two-way drug shuttle between Detroit and Warren Michigan. He has never gained entrance to a Motorcycle Club for two reasons: as a predatory homosexual, he is only sexually interested in men, exclusively large black men…

Guess who’s not afraid to “do the time,” for his various crimes?

I queried our Detroit Area White Devil, WellRead Ed, for a likely spot for the commission of the crime by Downtown Charlie Brown which will land him in prison—forever.

WellRead Ed on Detroit

Ultimately, my choices for 'most dangerous' corner would be based on obsolete intelligence. McNichols and Gratiot (pronounced 'Grasshit')? Seven Mile and Gratiot? Eight Mile Road (which used to be the dividing line between Detroit and Earth) and Gratiot? Gratiot was the main drag that ran from downtown to Shelby Township. Hayes and Seven Mile? All places where I in my youth had been in conflict with others.

If I were to select a location where something like you describe as a plot device were to occur, it would be on Eight Mile Road between Gratiot and Schoenerr (pronounced 'Shayner') road. On the south side of Eight Mile is Detroit, on the north side, Warren Michigan. Many acts of mischief were committed on the islands separating the east and west bound lanes because a call to the police would insure that law enforcement from either city would stall in the hopes that the other organization would respond.

Your question reminds me of a line from an obscure movie entitled 'Off Limits' (1988, Willem Dafoe, Gregory Hines) where one of the characters, in describing the conflict in the plot, says, "It's like you're on a boat floating in an ocean of shit! And you pluck out a turd and say 'THIS turd pisses me off!' "I may have misremembered the exact words, but the idea is the same.

Like the joke says,

"The difference between Detroit and a container of yogurt is that the yogurt has an active, living, culture in it.”

Thank you Ed, on the Island, between the east and westbound lanes of Eight Mile, amongst a huddle of homeless men, Downtown Charlie Brown shall earn his place among the Filthy Few.

Look for the story tomorrow morning, 4/3/17.

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