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Mad City
General Information on Some Midwestern Hoodrat Plantations

A Brief survey of select shitholes by Jeremy Bentham. 

Here is some general information on some Midwestern cities I am familiar with to one degree or another. Some small Midwestern cities that are surprisingly crime ridden are East Saint Louis IL (east across the Mississippi River from Saint Louis, MO of course), Beloit, WI, Racine, WI and Dayton, OH. Milwaukee and Minneapolis have become very crime ridden in the past two decades. And of course Gary and Hammond, IN are now smaller versions of Detroit: crime ridden and hugely depopulated.

Madison, WI

In Madison, WI the hipsters are all agitated now beascsue a homo lawyer was stabbed to death in his downtown apartment. Mad City has seen a signifant uptick in violent crime recently. Even though Madison is run by flaming SWPL Liberals,  the MPD still manages to arrest more black people than anybody else.  Analysis: Blacks in Madison arrested at more than 10 times rate of whites.


Chicago, IL


Milwaukee, WI.

FYI zip code 53206 has more people on welfare that any other zip code in the USA. It also has the highest incarceration rate of black males in the USA. They made a documentary movie about the place. Milwaukee is murder and carjack city now, especially in the Northwest part of the city (black neighborhoods of course). A 64 year old city white city housing inspector was killed during a carjacking attempt in that very 53206 neighborhood recently by a crew of juvenile dindu carjackers with a sawed off shotgun.


East Saint Louis, IL


Gary and Hammond, IN


Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis used to be full of gays, second only to San Francisco they used to say. You’d see them all out holding hands in Loring park. Occasionally one would pick up a dangerous hustler on nearby Hennepin Ave and get murdered back in their apartment. Now Minneapolis has a lot of Dindus and Somalis so I imagine it is no longer the tolerant homo friendly paradise it was back in the 80’s. Saint Paul has a high population of Hmongs (Some 53,00 in Saint Paul and Minnesota combined) so the area has Hmong street gangs on top of everything else.


West Dayton, Ohio

Dayton OH is another surprisingly dangerous small city. West Dayton, the black portion of the city west of the Great Miami River, especially so. When I lived in the area some 25 years ago a Dayton police patrol responding to a shots fired call just across the bridge in West Dayton got caught in a cross fire between two groups of dindu gang bangers having it out. The cops returned fired on both groups. An “innocent bystander” of the dindu persuasion was shot in the leg and tried to claim the cops did it. Unfortunately for his predatory lawsuit aspirations the slug that was dug out of the dindu’s leg was from a .38 special revolver, whereas the Dayton PD had recently transitioned to 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistols. The Dayton suburb of Fairborn, Oh has reportedly gone south recently. Although you may recall a knife fighting incident that went down there in the ‘70’s was recounted by Jenks and Brown in “Bloody Iron”, so I guess it never was completely safe and peaceful.


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