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A BT-1000 Story
Lili Hun is Back on the Dindu Beat

I arrive home and park in my illustrious neighborhood. I hear loud voices from across the street. I look briefly while still in my car, but avoided bringing any attention to myself when I got out.

A group of four BT-1000s were trying to decide where they wanted to go. "Chuckie Cheese's," one of them said. "Naw, I can't go to Chuckie Cheese's," said another, "because I beat up Janae Smith there." "Well, let's go to a different one," said a third. "I can't go to ANY of them," she clarified to the other grown-assed women.

Silence...then someone yells loudly, "Whatchu lookin' at?" I assume nothing and don't look back on my way in...and then the banter of bitches resumed.

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