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Natural Selection
By William Rapier

There is Natural news, Collapse News, and a whole host of other Mike Adams sites there to bring us up to date with all the latest in ongoing cultural degeneration and collapse.

Thus, on March 29, 2017, we have the report that a UK survey revealed that the vast majority of millennials do not know how to do everyday tasks such as how to change a light bulb or boil an egg:;

These young fuckers are good with their phones, good at loving refugees (but not as much as the even worse Baby Boomers) but cannot connect a blu-ray player, or a stingray, to their television, not that any sane person would want either.

Forget about basic survival skills, like hunting – that does not even rate a question in our comfortable urban over-civilized chook yard. Even here, in so-called “civilization,” culture is declining as rapidly as Hillary’s bank balance, with almost 50 percent of Detroit residents, for example, not being able to read:

Try saving knowledge at that rate:

It seems that it is only a matter of time before something seriously fucks us up. Near Earth asteroids routinely miss the Earth, although one smallish one struck Chelyabinsk Russia in 2013:, but slightly larger mutha fuckas could wipe out millions, with 10 million deaths if one hit Chicago.

If God did exist, surely He would be tempted to toss a few rocks at fetid humanity. I would.

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IshmaelApril 3, 2017 10:45 AM GMT+4

In soft regions are born soft men!