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How Much Time Do You Put In On the Site?
A Man Question from Big Ron

After giving me two very nice books on European martial arts, Big Ron inquired as to how I might have time to read them.

Well, Ron, this is how it currently breaks down.

I write all my non-fiction and some of the fiction in my head while I walk, wait for the bus, work at my 20-hour grunt job, shower, exercise between writing articles as I relieve my hip from the strain of sitting, etc.

I normally read 1 hour per day from books at about 60 pages an hour.

When my sitting muscles are shot I lay down and read for a couple hours, probably twice per week. So I'm only reading offline 8-10 hours per week.

Online reading, posting guest articles, answering e-mails and approving and answering comments takes 3 hours per day.

Compiling, formatting, editing, proofing and publishing one book per week takes 8 hours.

I spend between 2-12 hours per day writing my original content. In most cases I'm either answering questions like this which just spills out, typing what I have written in my head, or just writing fiction, which just flows.

I view and listen to podcasts and videos while writing, so that is not counted separately.

I currently spend between 2-6 hours interviewing and dictating. That's a high so let's leave it at 2 hours.

Weekly Totals

Reading 8-10 hours

Site editing 20 hours

Dictating/Interviewing: 2 hours

Publishing 8 hours

Writing 35 hours

Total writing/site work: 70-75 hours

Total grunt work: 14-20 hours

Coaching/training: 4 hours

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Sam J.April 4, 2017 11:09 PM UTC

"...Compiling, formatting, editing, proofing and publishing one book per week takes 8 hours..."

WOW. That's really fast.

At the risk of stating the obvious you spend 20 hours a week site editing. What do you edit with? Maybe you could get better tools and lower this leaving more time for other drinking beer.
responds:April 5, 2017 10:26 AM UTC

The book publication process, since I have done it through the POD platform 120 times, only takes a half hour.

Coping and pasting the individual documents into a book takes a minute per chapter.

Formatting takes about an hour for every two hundred pages.

the tedious stuff is the proofing, which I have already done three times and it still isn't perfect.

I can only afford to have one in ten of my books edited and proofed by a pro, so save that for fiction that I really care a lot about and for the Robert E. Howard reviews.

DL is currently working on editing twelve of my books into second editions and this will take about a year.
LynnApril 3, 2017 8:45 PM UTC

James is the hardest working player.