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Five Guns West
Music History by Post-Apocalyptic Nomad Reuben Chandler

I have just discovered, from a mutual friend, that one of our reader-commentator’s, Reuben, who recently placed this Amazon review about my hopeful Nobel Nominated Don’t Get Boned, has a music history blog.

5.0 out of 5 starsNot Your Mama's Survival Guide.......but it should be

By, Ruben Chandler, on March 31, 2017

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I have been reading James LaFond's work for quite some time on his website and his blog and am forever impressed by his range, his talent and his ability to put far reaching and far ranging diversified subject matter into comprehensive patterns that make sense. That the aforementioned subject matter was wholly, or partially, unknown to us prior to his edification of it is often mind boggling and even startling at times. James has lived it and walks the talk. I say Mr. LaFond is a titan among men today. No one should live in this world today without exposure to his work.

From a review of the site it seems that Reuben hosts a handful of music lovers who wish to express their appreciation for the pipers of our machine society.

Below is the most current piece, by James Nolan on Chuck Berry.!/2017/03/chuck-berry-1926-2017-farewell-to.html

Thank you, Reuben.

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Ruben ChandlerApril 3, 2017 6:53 PM UTC

You fuckin' rawk bro. Thanks so much and indeed, thank our mutual friend. There is a lot of talent swirling around here as well as some real timely knowledge that could keep a group of us alive. Kudos and thank you James. I'll certainly be purchasing more of your work.