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'Avoiding Reality'
Jeremy Bentham and Some Fawning Brit on Female Special Ops Soldiers

“An Army is a collection of armed men obliged to obey one man. Every change in the rules which impairs the principle weakens the army.”

- William Tecumseh Sherman

“You can avoid reality but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

– Ayn Rand

Making males and females all sleep in the same barracks and shower together makes all the difference in the world it would seem. Yeah, no kidding. That’s what they do in the Norwegian Army. The Dutch Army too. Like in “Starship Troopers”. I wonder how that would work in the U.S. Armed Forces? No matter what one might assert about the relative value of female soldiers, in the U.S. military one notices that in mixed gender units the leadership invariably spends much of its time dealing with issues and vexatious problems that one simply does not have in all male units. When you throw males and females together you create these problems, even if you pretend there aren’t any (European governments, and by extension their militaries, are good at pretending problems do not exist).

Nevertheless, these problems distract leaders and soldiers alike and detract from military efficiency (i.e. the ability to win wars). Of course, winning wars is no longer the most important thing the militaries of the Western countries do anymore, is it? Promoting social justice and Feminism has taken precedence. So the goal becomes to make certain as many females as possible can succeed in all aspects of the military. Physical standards invariably get lowered then when it is quickly discovered that most women cannot meet the same standards as the men. In fact it takes a woman of exceptional physical ability to equal the capabilities of the average military man, much less the capabilities of the men in elite special ops units. You have to ask yourself is it all really worth the trouble, expense and potential danger to make a particular group of people feel important and good about themselves?

Naturally since the possibility of war with a peer competitor who can seriously challenge the technologically superior militaries of the USA and the other NATO countries seems very remote to us at the moment, we can entertain these foolish, hyper-egalitarian notions about women warriors. Our technological superiority seems to increase by the day too to the point it may well become overwhelming in most people’s estimation. Not even a bunch of atavistic, barbarian musclemen straight out of a Conan movie could beat chicks with laser guns and drone surveillance, could they? Therefore, it will only be when we lose a war and lose it big will people feel compelled to seriously examine how our military is organized and trained and/or to change policies on gender back to the way they once were. Won’t it?

Well we still have nukes and the bad guys are far away across the ocean besides, so there is no way in many Americans’ minds that we could ever really lose a conventional war, not in a way that would drastically effect life in America. Thus it doesn’t matter to most Americans how much the Leftist SJWs tinker with the military. Apparently a majority of Norwegians feel much the same way. Conversely in professional sports, where winning the game every week IS the most important thing, we would find out very quickly whether or not mixed gender teams were as effective as all male teams. There is no technological fix for lack of physical ability in sports, is there? The sports fans definitely would not put up with accepting inefficiency for the sake of promoting social justice either. They would really take issue with such blatant SJW tinkering on their beloved sports teams, particularly if it resulted in a losing season. Wouldn’t they?

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By Kevin Ponniah BBC News, Elverum

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Sam J.April 5, 2017 12:09 AM UTC

I have no problem with Women in the military but not if they are playing combat soldiers. There's lots things that Women can do many of them better than Men. I bet they would be excellent at surveillance and looking a photos. Better suited to looking for small details. In general they're not as strong and we shouldn't waste a lot of valuable resources in training them to do things they aren't well suited for.
Phil BApril 4, 2017 8:48 PM UTC

If you want a flavour of how this will pan out in practice, take a look at this link:

here's me thinking that engineering was about making things work, not viewing the world through a lens of politically correct feminist clap trap and social engineering with the intention of marginalising males or eliminating them entirely.
WellReadEdApril 3, 2017 10:52 PM UTC

I went through Army Basic in 1981 at Ft. Jackson, SC. We were one of the units that had had Jimmy Carter's social experiments inflicted on us. 2 platoons of men and 2 of women, Physical Training was complicated because the women couldn't keep up with the men. If we were scheduled for a 5 mile run, the men ran 7 miles because, when they got too far ahead of the women, we had to circle back to get them.

And, with hormones flowing with a vengeance, the real "Physical Training" started after lights went out. Perhaps the worst part of all was the Drill Sergeants taking advantage of their position to entice the female recruits into doing things for them. That finally blew up a couple of months after Basic, and resulted in the entire cadre being sent to the 4 corners of the Earth. Co-ed Basic Training was a concept that failed, and miserably.
BobApril 3, 2017 9:27 PM UTC

This is not about "empowerment", but rather de-fanging and the white male to avoid any chance of another September 11 (1973). Our élite reads history books, if nobody else does.
ShepApril 3, 2017 4:21 PM UTC

Check out the new commandant of the Air Force Academy:

"She's" the one in the middle.