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Dirty White Boys
WellRead Ed on Vacant Houses in Detroit


Bringing up my old neighborhood brought back a few memories, and I have to revise my choice; ANY of the abandoned houses in the neighborhoods would serve your purpose. 8 Mile Rd. is a 6-lane thoroughfare that seems to never be free of traffic. There was a trend, for a while, for dirty white boys to burn down abandoned houses because girls as young as 11 were dragged into them and violated in the worst ways imaginable. The area that was the worst for that occurrence, again in the 48205 area code, was between McNichols and Gratiot. Because of the weird geography, girls could be dragged into an abandoned house, violated by whichever Dindu tribe was there, disposed of, and a getaway made on either of 2 main streets. I have included the satellite image link for clarification.,-82.9856082,17z/data=!3m1!1e3

The islands between Warren and Detroit were mainly for drug deals, brawling, and harassing the squares. Motels, with rooms rented at hourly rates, lined the Detroit side, and small machine shops and such lined the Warren side. The strip of houses between McNichols and Gratiot was where some serious bad shit went down. White boys without fear would beat Dindus to a pulp for sport.

Cops were always responding to something or another in that area. Luring one to an abandoned house and ambushing him was something that was attempted more than once.


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PRApril 4, 2017 10:15 PM UTC

So many problems can be solved with fire.
mApril 4, 2017 8:32 PM UTC

That area is unbelievably bad...