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911 Is a Joke!
Woman Shot Dead Was Told by Cops to 'Stop Calling 911'


So get up get, get get down

911 is a joke in yo town

Get up, get, get, get down

Late 911 wears the late crown

Public Enemy - 911 is a Joke (1990)


If people won’t stop pestering us we’re just going to have to take the damn phone off the hook.


Body cam video shows Fla. police noting Latina Herring's 'false accusations'

Jenn Gidman

Newser |

 (Newser) – Body cam video released by police in Sanford, Fla., after a man allegedly went on a shooting spree last week that killed his girlfriend and her 8-year-old son, shows cops scoffing at the woman's "false accusations" and telling her to "stop calling 911," WESH reports. In the early morning of March 27, police responded twice to an altercation between 35-year-old Latina Herring and 31-year-old Allen Cashe, per an arrest report cited by NBC News. In the first encounter around 3:20am at a gas station, Herring and Cashe are seen screaming at each other about who was holding onto the keys, with Cashe insisting, "I'm not trying to play games" and telling Herring she had an "attitude" after coming home intoxicated after a night out. Less than half an hour later, cops were called once again, this time to a home NBC identifies as Herring's, and they don't appear to be taking Herring seriously.

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