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The Lone Clit State
And Other Bitchez Be Crazy News

There must be something in the water in Texas that is causing this.

“Teacher-student impropriety has become an epidemic in Texas. Yet another instructor in the Lone Star State has been charged with having an improper relationship with a student. Kendall Lucas, 25, a softball coach and business education teacher at Taylor High School, is accused of orchestrating multiple lesbian romps with a 17-year-old pupil. The alleged victim informed investigators late last week that she had approximately 10 sexual encounters with Lucas last spring, KXAN reported. Authorities were alerted to the alleged relationship after two softball players caught wind of the secret and blew the whistle on Lucas, who faces possible prison time.”

Teacher accused of 'shocking' lesbian relationship with student

Woman left wheelchair-bound ex-boyfriend in woods to die in cold

This Bitch Be Crazy!

Certifiably so. New model BT-1000 stomps rival in Brooklyn MacDonald’s beat down, then terrorizes Rikers Island jail. Dig the video.

EXCLUSIVE: Teen busted in McDonald's gang beatdown punished for terrorizing Rikers Island

NY Daily News |

One of the most violent inmates on Rikers Island is a teen so dangerous she’s being kept in a special unit and forced to wear mittens.

She’s not lovin’ it.

On Bitches

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