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Peace, Love and Immigration

Illegal immigration plummets after Trump Inauguration

“Testifying to the committee in a first hearing Tuesday, former Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar said the percentage may be even higher than Mr. Trump teases. Compared with 2016, he said, apprehensions on the southwest border were down 67 percent through March.

Mr. Aguilar credits Mr. Trump, who has freed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to pursue illegal immigrants in the interior of the U.S. and vowed to tighten border controls.”

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Burundi Refugee Part of Crew that Robbed and Murdered Shop Keeper in Calgary, Alberta

“Havyarimana’s conduct amounted to “excessive and gratuitous violence on a defenceless victim,” the Court of Queen’s Bench judge said. “The whole episode demonstrates ... a shockingly low view of the value of human life,” Poelman said. “Mr. Havyarimana and his colleagues celebrated what they in no doubt viewed as their success of their escapade.” That, Poelman said, showed “a deplorable lack of remorse for the taking of an innocent life.”

“And, he noted, Havyarimana sought refuge in Canada to escape violence in his native Burundi, only to resort to such behaviour here. “You have come to this country seeking a better life ... you have not made a good start at it.”

“The judge suggested that instead of opening up his eyes to the horrors of violence, Havyarimana’s upbringing “taught (him) to treat life cheaply.” “However horrific your own background may be, it is no excuse for (your) moral responsibility for the life you have lived in this country.”

“Sadly it took a death to drive that lesson home.”

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OPINION: Judge castigates Calgary killer, a refugee from Burundi: 'However horrific your own background may be, it is no excuse'

Thriving in Bad Places

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