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Black Run America
Life in Dindustan - Dindu Majority City Elects Convicted Felon as Mayor

Black criminality is the new entitlement in Black Run America (BRA), AKA Dindustan. 78.86% African-American Markham, Illinois elects a mulatto felon as its mayor.

“With a felony conviction legally barring the current top vote-getter in Markham's mayoral race from taking his seat, an effort is underway to modify state law. Roger Agpawa, fire chief in Country Club Hills, pleaded guilty in August 1999 to mail fraud as part of a federal medical insurance fraud case. State law, due to that conviction, prevents him from holding an elected municipal office.”

FYI: Markham is a south side suburb of Chicago.

“The Markham Police Department is responsible for public safety and law enforcement. Anthony "Tony" DeBois, the deputy police chief, has been subject to numerous lawsuits alleging brutality and misconduct.”,_Illinois.

Looks like the Brothers can’t catch a break from the police even in a black majority city. Maybe that’s why they elected a felon as mayor? You just cannot reasonably expect black folks to follow all the same rules that white people habitually impose on themselves, can you?

City elects convicted felon as mayor

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