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Deadly or Just Dangerous?
Mass Authorities Try to Determine if a man Who Hacked off Another Man's Hand is Dangerous

"The suspect, 54-year-old Domingo Ayala, was ordered held without bail Thursday pending a hearing to determine whether he is dangerous. He faces charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon."

Such are the wages of a nation trafficked into a perpetual state of delusion through the cozy implementation of the lie.

Let us not jump to conclusions and label a weapon that takes off a hand as deadly, when it clearly only wants to be dangerous.

And as for the possibility that a man who dismembers another man might pose a danger to his fellow men, let's not leap to conclusions... Does Mister Ayala demonstrate a consistent pattern of dismembering neighbors?

LOWELL, Mass. — A Massachusetts man who had his hand cut off by a machete during a fight has had the hand re-attached, and authorities say the suspect has been ordered held without bail.

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