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God-Emperor Trump's Tomahawk Chop
Trump Retaliates on Assad for Syrian Gas attack with Cruise Missile Strike - Putin Objects, Calls Attack Illegal Aggression

God-Emperor Trump went and did it now. What next?

Of course this would seem to give the lie to the Democrat allegation that the Trump Administration is in cahoots with the Russians for good and all. Unless God-Emperor Trump has figured out how to be with the Russians and against them at the same time.

Attacking Syria again?

You'll need to get through me: Russian battleship is positioned between US warships and runway hit by Trump's air strike

•The US military fired more than 50 tomahawk missiles at al-Shayrat military airfield at 8.45pm EDT Thursday

•Moves comes just hours after Trump said 'something should happen' following Tuesday's gas-attack atrocity

•Trump took action after more than 80 were killed and many more were injured in the Sarin poison gas attack

•'Even beautiful babies were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack,' he said after launching the strike

•Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a furious response calling airstrike an 'illegal act of aggression'

•US called 'a partner of ISIS' by al-Assad's spokesman who said missile strikes are 'reckless and irresponsible'

•Trump says airfield used to store toxic weapons and was the base for the aircraft involved in the Sarin attack

•Claims that nine were killed, and more were injured, in the strike which has severely damaged the airbase

•US told Moscow it was launching an airstrike about 30 minutes in advance - but did not ask for permission

I would normally place a book ad here, to try and earn some shekels from Mister Bentham's erudition. However, as that gas strike in Syria fell a few miles short of U.S. soil, I'd feel a little dirty about hawking my wares. But, since the local government here has not repealed the year-round paleface buck and bull hunting season—and have only given hunting licenses to Dindus—I'm thinking how much better off I'd be if the CIA hit Baltimore with its next false flag gas attack. I am in an overrun situation—isn't it time to call in the artillery on my own position?

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Sam J.April 7, 2017 6:21 PM UTC

That's it. I'll just have to assume that either he was a Jew plant all along or they're blackmailing him (very likely). This can't end well. The Jews just refuse to live with any limitations on their behavior. If they don't completely dominate everyone around them they're not happy. This is exactly why people eventually attack them. Same ole shit over and over. They never learn a damn thing. Tactically they may be geniuses but strategically they couldn't be worse. I expect next they'll try to kill everyone in the US and Europe. That's the general plan they follow. Idiots. All they'll do is put the Asians in charge(Like they need help). The Asians haven't fallen for their bullshit and they don't control them. I suspect of they try to do what they've done to Whites to Asians the Asians will wipe them out.

It's sad. Most Whites would be more than willing to let them go their own way and do whatever they want, including me, but they just refuse.
ShepApril 7, 2017 4:05 PM UTC

Tomahawks? You mean we launched Elizabeth Warren at 'em?
Major PainApril 7, 2017 2:11 PM UTC

10-4 BSM (Baltimore Stick Man)we have your coordinates​ and concur with your assessment of the situation . Will commence firing on obgective target at 21:30 hrs. Godspeed BSM
responds:April 8, 2017 7:16 AM UTC

Major Pain, Sir:

If you could fire for effect at Harford and North, and just keep walking that out five miles to Taylor Avenue, I'd be much obliged.

For West Baltimore, you might want to prep with a few daisy cutters.

Over and out.