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The Syrian Fallout & Considering the Logic of Gas
Vox Day, the Z-Man, Jeremy Bentham, LaFond & the God Emperor of Dune on Syria

From the God Emperor of Dune

Reason for Syria Problem from Ishmael

He who owns the spice controls the universe.


As far as the premise of the first U.S. strike against the Assad regime, after the Tonkin Resolution and the numerous false war causes used by the U.S. in my lifetime to get the masses behind their wars, I expect that our younger readers will find out 30 years from now that agents of those nations to gain from U.S. involvement were behind this—it was too much of a perfect showing. An asshole like Assad, with "a ridiculously huge stockpile of sarin gas" is asking for someone to use it, and since he barely controls half of his nation on paper, how much of that real estate does he have under comprehensive control?

However, I see nothing wrong with the U.S. military slaughtering others abroad. War is an intrinsic moral good according to my spiritual view. In terms of my practical view, I am of the opinion that the more people taken off this planet the better. Geopolitically the only thing that matters to me is that some free-thinking people will survive somewhere, and that somewhere is not likely to be in the Muddle East with its slave creeds. The two places where I see a chance for small free societies [tribal entities] to reemerge would be in the Americas and in Eastern Europe. If the rest of the world serves as the playground of titans and gods it at least keeps their weapons trained elsewhere. I think that Vox Day, below, speaks for many of us when he points to an American Civil War being the real concern for Americans.

In any case, I am now over my disappointment about Hilarch Cliton not winning the election for American stewardship. It seems I might be able to read about a Russian-American dogfight over the skies of Syria after all.

Vox Day and the Z-Man on Syria

Vox Day’s take on the events in Syria. Yeah, no reason to get all uptight just yet. One missile strike doesn’t make a never-ending nation-building war. God-Emperor Trump keeps everybody guessing, which has been a major strength of his. The best thing that Trump is doing for us all is buying us time to further prepare. Not to mention the fact that he is causing the real enemies of the people to reveal themselves with their over the top antics. They will have a much harder time hiding once the collapse hits.



“For the record, I am totally opposed to US involvement in the Middle East. However, as a student of military history, I am also not inclined to leap to criticize strategy on the basis of a single limited tactical strike. War is coming, but not necessarily where everyone assumes it will be or at the behest, and in the interest, of the neocons.”

“That being said, I will certainly be disappointed if the God-Emperor makes regime change in Syria an objective of his administration, and I will continue to oppose any military involvement in the Middle East, Europe, the Ukraine, and any military activity directed against China or Russia.”

“But as long as he builds that big beautiful wall and keeps repatriating immigrants, I don't really care all that much one way or the other. Americans shouldn't worry overmuch about war abroad, they should be worrying more about the coming war at home.”

Friday, April 07, 2017

The constant Right

Jeremy Bentham on Assad's Gas

Taking an 'objective' point of view, it is not clear why the use of high explosive for tearing men apart should be regarded as more humane than burning or asphyxiating them to death.”

-Martin Van Creveld

  Yeah, and all this time, we thought that all of Assad’s nerve gas stocks had been turned over to the Russians and destroyed. So what’s up with this? Where did this new Syrian Sarin nerve agent come from? Was Assad holding out? No doubt.


  Oh well, producing Sarin nerve gas or GB is fairly low tech anyway. It was invented in 1938 by German scientists working for IG Farben who were trying to create a more effective insecticide. They ended up producing a very effective homicide instead. Versions of the stuff that are not as enormously lethal to humans are still in use as insecticides (like “Raid”). So if you have the industrial capability to produce insecticides you can make Sarin nerve gas. It’s a poor man’s nuke. A terror weapon.  A mass casualty producing weapon that is relatively inexpensive to make and simple to deliver on target. One of the things ruthless Middle-Eastern dictators like Assad clearly like about the stuff.


  One of the motivations the authors of  this article haven’t explored, is that maybe Assad just likes using poison gas on his enemies. Maybe he gets off on thinking about his enemies dying by asphyxiation and so just couldn’t resist launching another chemical strike.  After all, warfare in the Middle-East has long been characterized by a predilection for terror tactics, sadism and a lack of concern for causing civilian casualties, either among enemy populations or even their own people.


  The irony is that even though chemical warfare was invented and developed in the West, it is in the West that it has received its greatest opposition. It just seems to bother a lot of people there like other forms of warfare do not. Even FDR and Adolf Hitler were in agreement that poison gas was a “dirty” weapon. But really what’s the big deal? Dead is dead, whether that end state was accomplished by bullets, knives, explosives or chemical poisons? Our Jihadist enemies have pronounced our civilian populations to be a legitimate target of war. So are theirs then. In fact refraining from attacking civilians during a war has been a custom that has been practiced more in the breach than in the observance for most of human history.


  In any event, the production and stockpiling of sarin was outlawed as of April 1997 by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) of 1993. Nearly country in the world has signed on to the CWC, including Syria, but excepting North Korea. Regardless of the CWC, the militaries of the major powers still issue gasmasks and other protective clothing to their soldiers and still train at defensive chemical warfare tactics, techniques and procedures.

Why Did Assad Use Nerve Gas?

Israel '100% Certain' Assad Ordered Syrian Chemical Attack, Defense Minister Says -  

        Avigdor Lieberman says lack of international response leads to his previous conclusion that 'Israel must rely only on itself'


Pentagon memo: Syria has ‘ridiculously huge’ stockpile of sarin gas


Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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Sam J.April 10, 2017 2:37 AM UTC

"... gas half full!..."


OK I admit I don't what Trump is doing. He may be playing the Jews and neo-Cons(same thing) or he may be playing us. I have seen some intelligent analysis(guesses) that say he's showing the neo-cons he's tough, while letting Putin know what he's doing, and when this doesn't work(which it won't) he can blame them while the whole time running their Trump is a Russian agent drive right into the ditch. If this is what he's doing and it works he will go down in the group of the most important President's we've ever had. We're talking President Washington here.

He's also got the Alt-Right damning him to hell which in the neo-con eyes means he's their savior but...maybe not. They're still rounding up pedos.

He's better than a soap opera.
IshmaelApril 9, 2017 8:16 PM UTC

I'm a half full glass man myself, trouble is, its filled with piss!
guestApril 9, 2017 10:46 AM UTC

Trump is an eternal optimist, he sees the gas half full!
Sam J.April 8, 2017 6:15 PM UTC

"...Israel '100% Certain' Assad Ordered Syrian Chemical Attack, Defense Minister Says..."

"...Pentagon memo: Syria has ‘ridiculously huge’ stockpile of sarin gas"

Well that settles it if Israel and the Washington Times say it's so it must be so. Snicker.