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An Army of One
Showing Some Initiative on the Home Front

An army of one. Another young man who’s showing some initiative. Nobody had to tell him what to do. Like the lone wolf jihadists, the SJWs in the deep state and the dindu bandits on the other side. He even wrote a “161-page anti-government manifesto that he sent to President Donald Trump”, so there will be no misunderstanding of what he is about.

Manhunt continues for Janesville man who stole guns, threatened officials, wrote anti-government manifesto

JANESVILLE—Schools are closed in parts of south-central Wisconsin as a nationwide manhunt continues for a convicted felon from Janesville who authorities say stole guns, threatened public officials and wrote a 161-page anti-government manifesto that he sent to President Donald Trump.

Local, state and federal authorities are looking for Joseph Jakubowski, 32, who is a suspect in a gunshop break-in and theft of guns here Tuesday evening and has expressed interest in attacking several different targets, including schools, Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden said.

Law enforcement authorities that include the FBI and Secret Service have checked out 65 leads and 12 different locations during their search for Jakubowski, Spoden said. 

Besides 16 high-end guns that he allegedly stole, Jakubowski also has a bullet-proof vest and a helmet, Spoden said.

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