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The World of Organa
Q & A with Lynn and James

If you are a fan of James LaFond's non-fiction and have been thinking about trying out his fiction, Organa is a great place to start.  Set in the same world as LaFond's Sunset Saga books, the story has action, interesting characters, true love, and even sex!  Hope every one likes it!


Organa; Q&A with Author, James LaFond

Organa is a fast paced science fiction novella set in the distant, dystopic and eerily plausible future. In this, only one of LaFond's many future worlds, humans are corporate property from birth, outfitted with permanent mechanical augmentation and equipped with artificial companions that provide comic relief and color commentary. Our protagonist, Tray Sorenson, starts life as a simple but lovable specimen who gains dimension and complexity as he rises in his career as a Security Tech.

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