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Kill It!
Sex With A Grudge

On the counter of the ghetto convenience store is a tray of pills in demonic cardboard display packs, sold singly.

This product, an aphrodisiac of some sort, is branded S.W.A.G.: Sex With A Grudge.

The artwork is set on a blood red background.

On the top right is an American flag with a proud proclamation that this is made in America.

The people depicted in states of post-coital reflection are rendered as black stick figures with round heads.

On either side of the pill is a pair of stick figures, and below the caption.

On the left side stands a proud stick figure man with erect penis and hands on hips.

At his feet is a female figure on all fours with fire flaming from her genitals.

Beneath them reads:

1 To Hurt It

To the right of the pill stands a triumphant male stick figure flexing bulging biceps and flashing a savage grin and sporting a huge erection.

At his feet, on her back, lies a perky, smiling, female stick figure with white hot flames shooting from her genitals.

Above her and before him reads in white: Take Your Sexual Performance To the Next Level!!!

Beneath them the caption reads:

2 To Kill It!

Check out the ad at:

PS: Ladies and skanks, there is no truth to the rumor that the author enjoys a rate of female companionship above and beyond his economic level due to use of S.W.A.G.. Please, refrain from making service inquires—I'm just too damned old.

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BobApril 8, 2017 11:50 PM UTC

You should cast a eye on Cleon Peterson's dystopic art. Futuristic for the moment.