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Honorary African American, Rob Kirby’s Contribution to the Ebonic Lexicon

“Diffliction is a word I used for years, not realizing it wasn’t a word until checking Webster’s Dictionary online.

“Really, I can coin my own word and it will end up in a dictionary?

“What it means is pretty straight forward: a diffliction is the state of being diminished—physically or spiritually—by an affliction—which, as afflictions tend to be, are chronic in nature and twists the person.

“For example, if you are afflicted by a hateful grudge against a person which misrepresented God, while claiming piety, then you are difflicted, remaining in the difflicted state of being separated from God until such time as you might break the cycle which is the difflictive negative feedback loop and free yourself of said diffliction.”

Congratulations, Rob, you have added immeasurably to the cause of defining the human condition.

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