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‘How Can We Protect Our Borders?’
A Tribalist Wants To Know How A Free People Can Protect its Land

“James, you seem to be a practical, anti-government thinker. I have discussions with tribal affiliates and anarcho-capitalists about borders and it’s like talking to Libertarian’s about roads. Do you have any thoughts?”


First, Gene, think like a Marine or special ops soldier, not an army administrator. Every military unit has a border that moves with it, like a cell wall moves with the innards of the cell. The border is the skin of the body politic and skin is not rigid, but porous.

In Korea the Marines on the right flank were overrun just like the army on the left by similar overwhelming numbers of Chi-coms. The army melted because they fought and thought in terms of lines. The Marines just advanced in a new direction, fighting in their perimeter and retreated in good order, leaving no dead or wounded behind as the army had.

Throughout history nations have done a terrible job of protecting their borders due to their centralized nature, where tribal entities have survived enemy contact far longer. I interviewed 3 Marines and 2 army survivors of this same offensive and even though the terrain the army was in favored American equipment and the mountains the Marines were operating in favored Chinese infantry, the Marines had a unifying experience as the Army bugged out and collapsed.

Where Mexico fell to the predatory U.S. in months, the Apaches held out for 40 years against a better version of the same force.

Think of how many tribes crossed Roman borders, how many millions now stream across modern borders. The Amazonian tribes are doing a better job defending their borders than the U.S. ever has and most of our borders [the Atlantic and Pacific coasts] are impassable buy most types of armed forces.

States violate borders, it is intrinsic to their design. They have rarely been good at maintaining them, with such exceptions as Japan, Taiwan, and Switzerland being perimeter-oriented entities. If you organize a tribe, your only terminal fear will be a state-level force. The state was created as a way of amalgamating conquered tribes for the purpose of conquering more tribes, with the secondary purpose being wealth redistribution on a pyramidal model and the tertiary purpose of the state coming into being with the advent of gunpowder slave armies, that being cultural negation.

For an ethno-nationalist, I suggest looking at medieval and ancient states that resisted empires and the compulsion to become an empire—for the imperial path leads to undefendable borders and disaster—the Germans, Picts and the Parthians for instance

A feudal model, which maximizes local resistance, but minimizes external force projection, worked better against Islamic pirates for instance than did empires, who were only suited for offense. The Roman eradication of piracy was internal, not external, and is not a good model. Instead look to the greater success the Japanese [with outdated technology] had over the British [with state-of-the-art technology] who had a terrible record against pirate raids for some 200 years even as they raided the ports of the larger Spanish polity with ease. Indeed, Ireland, with a more authentically tribal feudal structure than England, handled the Viking invaders much better—crushing them at Clontarf in 1013—preserving more territory and driving the Norse into the sea even as the English suffered proportionally more against the Danes, with the southern portion of Britain falling to successive waves of Saxons and Normans, in between suffering the indignities of the Danelaw.

Gene, tribal enclaves, such as Switzerland’s cantons, and the clan-held valleys of Typee [who repulsed French invaders at a great technological disadvantage], are more sustainable than amalgamated nations. Look to Israel, who has much better control of its borders, even though it is surrounded by enemies, where the U.S. has little control over its own, more geographically remote [from invaders] borders.

Of course, there is also the fact that states have a nasty habit of exchanging native rights for immigrant rights, which accelerates border defense problems in order to feed the centralized parasiticarchy.

Good luck with the tribe, Gene. You only have one enemy in this endeavor, the ultimate enemy, that which owns you, your children, your land and your acceptable measure of identity. Remember, simply being a white man is a crime in America, so you might, at least on the surface, identify your tribe in some other way, that is, until that which owns us dies from its intrinsic rot.

Now that you know who you are, know who they are.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.April 10, 2017 10:31 PM UTC

I came up with an idea for this. Make a game "Border Patrol". Get a bunch of those WWII blimps and put thermal and normal cameras on them. Have them be driven, within certain set values, by consensus by the gamers(American kids). Maybe give the most successful more votes on where to drive. When they see an intruder text the Border Patrol and give directions to them. They then rush in and capture them. The Border Patrol would like it too because after they caught them the BP could give an immediate thumbs up to the Kids and give the ones that caught them points. Big points for drug, gun and human trafficking bust. Prizes could be badges, T-shirts and the biggest point makers could get rides in helicopters, jet fighters and White house dinners.

I can envision the starting of the game. Have guy in BP decked out uniform say,"Ready to Play Border Patrol?" in a kind of over the top way TV wrestlers talk. They could even give the players feedback on which BP agents got the bust. It would be great for morale. If it works could be expanded to oceans, Canada border, etc...
UlricKerenskyApril 9, 2017 8:10 PM UTC

There was a huge amount of debate between the "settlement dedense" and tgevstrong nation defense schools of the Israelis in the late 60s, which turned into a proxy debate for their nuke program and political succession inside the ruling party. Allow, who was probably the guy who wrote the Israeli 1948 war plans, would orobablu agree with you, James. Dayan, who was probably turned by at least one western intellegence service (likely two), took the opposite side and blundered his way through 6 years argueing the opposite side.
responds:April 10, 2017 3:11 PM UTC

Thanks for the info, Ulric.

I'm looking at mid term, single generation results, which takes me out of the 3 month to 8 year attention span of most moderns, or the centuries-long view of historians, which I suppose comes from doing my early reading on exploration and migration.