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‘How Could Parents Sell Their Children?’
A Man Question from Megan

I realize that the entire white slavery argument hinges on the willingness of parents to part with their children. Kidnapping was rampant from 1618 to the 1750s, but never filled more than half the ships’ holds that deposited the youth of the British Isles on these shores to toil, die and be willfully forgotten. However, a multitude of Anglo-Saxons, Welsh, Irish and Scottish willingly sold their children.

Most moderns say that this is inhuman, that they would never do it. But they are wrong, have imbibed the lying waters until they float on into delirium.

We inherited the debt-based social model.

Where the early American was inclined to sell his son or daughter for a fixed term of usually seven years, the modern American voter sells his children for life, every time he votes for a politician that borrows money and further inflates the national debt.

The early Americans were—not living a lie like us, but facing the ugly truth—superior to us on one specific way, they regarded taxation of wages as immoral. Even to a people who habitually bought and sold others, there was something obscene about the idea that a legal fiction might own a portion of a man’s physical effort, forever, for a man who worked for a wage was—and still is—by definition poor.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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