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On the Muddle East
Scott Adams, John Derbyshire, Jeremy Bentham, and Alex Griswold

Scott Adam’s take on the Syrian cruise missile strike. Good points.


The Syrian Air Base Attack


Scott Adams' Blog |

As I blogged yesterday, the claim that Assad ordered a chemical attack on his own people in the past week doesn’t pass my sniff test. For Assad to order a gas attack now – while his side is finally winning – he would have to be willing to risk his life and his regime for no real military advantage. I’m not buying that.

But let’s say the world believes Assad or a rogue general under his command gassed his own people. What’s an American President to do? If Trump does nothing, he appears weak, and it invites mischief from other countries. But if he launches 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military air base base within a few days, which he did, the U.S. gets several benefits at low cost:

1. President Trump just solved for the allegation that he is Putin’s puppet. He doesn’t look like Putin’s puppet today. And that was Trump’s biggest problem, which made it America’s problem too. No one wants a president who is under a cloud of suspicion about Russian influence.

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Alt Right Disappointment

“Nothing in the Balkans is worth the bones of a single Pomeranian Grenadier.”

– Otto von Bismarck


John Derbyshire makes good points. Much of the Alt Right is disappointed with God-Emperor Trump over the Syrian Missile strike. They feel like he has been suckered into getting deeply involved in Syria by what they believe has to be a false flag operation. By extension they feel now that they themselves were suckered into voting for him. They believe that Assad couldn’t be so crazy as to launch a chemical attack now.


 But they’re wrong. Yes, Assad COULD be that crazy. Everybody in the Middle-East is that crazy. Believe me. They don’t think like us. It is not a given that any of the major players will do what WE believe would be the rational thing to do. Above all, they want to make their enemies suffer. Any method of killing that appears to be unusually painful, terrifying and humiliating fits the bill for them. That’s one reason they like poison gas. Besides, what reason did Assad have to believe that the USA would retaliate like it did? That is if Trump is just an establishment pawn president like all the others before him?  So who is behind it?

Could be anybody. But it doesn’t matter who was behind the recent gas attack or why. Nothing and nobody in the Middle-East makes any sense to us. Nobody there can be trusted in any way to do what we want them to do. It is all the more reason for us to stay the hell away from the Middle-East. On top of that, much of our own government bureaucracy opposes God-Emperor Trump and is working to sabotage his efforts. We’re in a civil war of our own. Another reason for us to mind our own domestic p’s and q’s.


  As for the Alt right, hey I feel their pain, but really they should all chill. This doesn’t automatically mean that God-Emperor Trump is now committed to going all in for regime change in Syria. Let’s just wait and see where this goes before we jump off a tall building in despair. The God-Emperor tends to go with his gut feeling on many things and his gut has been right on the money an awful lot.


Remember, Trump was an unknown quantity from the beginning. He had never held any public office before so we had absolutely no idea how he was going to act as president. What people do means more than what they say they are going to do. But we are always taken in by what people say they are going to do, especially when they tell us what we most want to hear, aren’t we? Like Obama before him Trump was a blank slate on which people wrote all their hopes and fears. On top of that Trump was a Democrat for lot longer than he was a Republican. He clearly doesn’t hold all the same beliefs as people who were Conservative/ Right wing all their lives. He has been evolving. Thus it's a given that God-Emperor Trump is going to disappoint us in some way. By doing something we don’t want done or by not doing something we do want done. Or not do something the way we want to see it done, and so on.

Nevertheless on the balance sheet God-Emperor Trump has already done much, much more that Conservatives want to see done than not. He is enforcing immigration law for the first time in decades and he is undoing everything that President Obama put into place by executive order (although his good works don’t get much coverage by the Leftist media, do they?). Most importantly Trump kept his promise to appoint an ultra-conservative Justice to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch. This is huge and everyone knows it. For example, you just know that if the Leftists ever get a majority in the Supreme Court the first chance they get they will rule that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right to keep and bear arms. And there will go our guns. Believe it. It’s still very early in the God-Emperor’s term of office, so there is much to look forward to.


Oh well. If you do anything good few people will remember, and most will not even care, but if you do anything that displeases people they’ll never forget it. Will they? That’s the way of the world.


Let’s be real here. Is it possible for God-Emperor Trump to save America?

Yeah, in fact he’s the only one who can. He’s our last hope to turn the country around. Will he be able to save America? Probably not. The Left has already done too much damage to the country and we are way too divided, politically, socially and ethnically, to hold together. To undo all the damage done Trump will need a lot of cooperation from Congress, the deep state bureaucracy and the media. Cooperation he is highly unlikely to get. But that doesn’t mean he should stop trying and stop working to repair the country. Anything he accomplishes will do much to cushion the fall when the collapse finally does hit America and leave us in a much better position to salvage something worthwhile out of the wreck. So take advantage of the time God-Emperor Trump is buying for you and prepare as best you can for what is coming.


Jeremy, I respectfully disagree over the gas attack and find it interesting that attempts to destroy all gas—or at least to report that—were made. However, I think your case for Semitic [Arabs are all Semites] sadism is a good point. It may very well be that simple. And, as you say, since Trump is the only chance this fracturing country seems to have to maintain interim border integrity [as open border and aging millennials may insure a democratic presidency and intensified anarcho-tyranny for decades if he fails] while trying to reclaim some sense of coherent culture [remote chance, that one, but worth trying] the people who elected him should stand behind him, like those who want to more completely enslave them have stood behind the last five presidents who all made dubious Muddle Eastern aggressions, mostly on false pretenses. I really think Trump's best chance at achieving his domestic agenda is to play ball with the neo-cons globally. However, I reiterate, that the only worthy reason for this Blooming War is to see Russian and American aviators go at it over the Muddle East.

John Derbyshire: Collapse Of Trumpism—On War AND Immigration? story


 PolitiFact retracts 'mostly true' ruling that US removed '100 percent' of Syria's chemical weapons

By Alex Griswold

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.April 10, 2017 3:04 AM GMT+4

I said earlier that I thought we were done and neo-cons had won but after reading a lot of analysis(guesses) maybe I'm wrong. The attacks didn't amount to much and I hear that Putin was warned that we needed to do this. I haven't a clue what Trump is up to. I see how what he did would work for him and us in the long term. I've done this several times. Changed my mind about him. Trump is like Detective Columbo. He seems to be wandering and blundering about but he ends up being exactly correct and making everyone else look like fools.

He's either a genius who will be one of the greatest Presidents we've ever had or...we're in big trouble.
responds:April 10, 2017 3:08 PM GMT+4

You know, Sam, he is such a gamer you can't count him out.

Remember, this guy won a rigged election. That was in his wheelhouse though.

The only thing we can say for sure is the next four years will be interesting.
mApril 9, 2017 7:12 PM GMT+4

Trump took advantage of a real opportunity to show the world that Bathhouse Barry is gone and things are gonna change dramatically with him in charge. Gave him some leverage with the Chinese on Korea. There is another dictator willing to use what he has just to inflict pain and suffering on others-simply because it pleases him.

We do not understand that the rest of the world does not think like we do. They can't because they dont share our culture, outlook and experience. That is also why we dont understand them. And continue to stumble in our foreign affairs.
responds:April 10, 2017 3:15 PM GMT+4

I have to think, that if Trump takes any definitive action based on good intelligence, that he's going to get positive results. He reminds me so much of a guy I used to play wargames with that the other players are always terrified of, because if he ever gets a green light he's jumping in with both feet.

Really, from a pure power perspective, I think any killing he does that does not lead to war with China or Russia will strengthen the U.S. position globally.