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Rat County?
Baltimore County unveils rat eradication pilot program

They’ll fumigate the city with Sarin gas. That way they’ll get rid of more than one kind of rat. Part of the gentrification program.


Jeremy, this program in the city hired locals to answer the phone and they could not pronounce iradication, so when the housing inspectors called they would have to hear, "Rat ratification, how may I help you?" 

Half of the housing inspectors had English literature degrees and they groaned audibly when telling me about this.

Baltimore City has the third largest rat population in the U.S. behind New York and Boston, but Baltimore County has a lot of waterfront, and apparently the Norway rats are following the hoodrat example and spreading out.

Courtesy of Baltimore County Intensive extermination treatment, increased trash pick-ups and an educational campaign are parts of an enhanced rat eradication program announced Thursday by Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. SOURCE: Courtesy of Baltimore County

Baltimore County unveils rat eradication pilot program

$770,000 proposal would target nine communities


Thriving in Bad Places

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