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A Diet of Frogs and Leeches
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Just to help us all get into nuclear holocaust survival mode, here is an article from Natural, reporting on how an Aussie man survived for 71 days in the desert by eating frogs, leeches, snakes and lizards and various kinds of bugs:

This is a true story, but it is old news, the incident occurring in April 2006:

The American sites recently covering this story don’t mention the dates.

The key points are that the survivor Ricky Megee had stopped to help some people whose car had broken down. The next thing he remembers is that he was naked and being pawed by dingoes who were getting ready to eat him. There is no solid information about how Megee got in this state and he thinks that he may have been drugged. Maybe he could have been attacked and knocked out, as has happened before:

The story is odd; that Megee could wander for 71 days before being found, or reaching a road. Was he taken out into the bush and dumped? If he was left on the road, he could have made it back to some settlement way before that time. Yet, it is not likely that the story is bullshit, because he was found in a near-skeletal state. However, the police found no evidence that a criminal offence was committed, which may not mean much for this is Australian police, who are hardly Scotland Yard.

In any case, he made do in highly inhospitable country on the Buntine Highway ( ), on the border between the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and only survived because recent rains had left some water. Otherwise, in the dead of summer, he would have been, well, dead.

That is why, when travelling in these regions, I don’t stop for these sort of folk, but wind down the window a little bit, doors locked, a Marlin .44 magnum lever action rifle within reach, and say that I will radio for help, especially if there are “beautiful babies” in the team. Then, way down the road, after a warm beer, I forget about the whole thing. The beautiful dingo babies need the food.

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