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Trumpapocalypse Now!
By Professor X

I feel sorry for all of those good Americans who worked hard last year in fighting for Trump over Hillary Clinton. Now Trump has become a conventional neo-con war president, doing exactly what the global elite want: namely delivering war:

The only question now is how this will happen. Hillary Clinton would have given us war in two weeks, but the Trump administration, essentially the presidency of Jared Kushner, did it in two months. Way to go Donny Small Hands!

Russia and now Iran have threatened the US with war if neo-con globalist puppet Trump attacks Syria again:

Trump, leading the charge of the new world Order, as advised/ordered by the Kushner/Cohn “Westwing Democrats” as Steve Bannon calls them, will push for sanctions against Russia at G7, moving now for a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria. Matters will go according to the NMO grand plan, and tensions will escalate, as Russia raises the threat of a hot war given a G7 ultimatum:

Here is an explosive mixture, because it is certain that the G7 ultimatum will be given. Worse, by the hour, Trump gets crazier, now claiming that a Syrian regime change is “his” strategy:

Wait a minute – wasn’t Assad democratically elected? Hasn’t all of these Middle Eastern interventions all blown up in America’s face? Where is “Arab Spring” now? How many billions of refugees does Trump want to create?

Putin thus, will have his credibility on the line, and he is not someone to mess with. The involvement now of Iran, links up with the North Korean nuclear crisis, since both countries have positive diplomatic relationships, with North Korea selling missile technology to Iran. Unless Putin as well is part of a 4D globalist chess game, and he in in a bigger plan, it seems inevitable that Trump will bring on World War III. Maybe that was his role in this from the beginning, as told to him by Obama in their famous 15-minute meeting that went to an hour and a half. Anything is possible. Trump’s job may be to do the dirty work, for one term, that the Democrats may not have wanted to do. If anything is left of America, they will have it.

It was obvious that Trump as a one percenter, could not represent America first interests, but everyone is surprised that his deception would be dropped in only two months. Only by digging behind the scenes do we see who is really pulling this puppet’s strings.

The key is Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is a “Democrat” globalist, and who has moved Trump’s America first advisor Steve Bannon to the sidelines:, although Bannon has denied this. Nevertheless, what Bannon calls the “West Wing Democrats,” Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, and senior economic advisor Gary Cohn, are the ones telling Trump what to do:

Trump said in a soppy bullshit story that he bombed Syria after confronting the distress his daughter Ivanka felt after seeing all of the dead “beautiful babies”:

It is laughably implausible, especially in the light of spoilt-rotten Princess Ivanka’s silence over the four “beautiful babies” killed by Trump’s attack:

It is much more plausible to suppose that the West Wing Democrats are telling Trump what to do, passing the news on from the masters of the universe, who really rule the world.

With a bit of Googling, it is easy to join up the dots. Here it is, the Soros/Kushner/Clinton connection, straight from the horse’s mouth. Just read the titles in the URL’s if you cannot stomach reading the articles:;;;;

The above material can be easily multiplied by a Google search, but it is clear that the establishment media shows a clear Kushner/Soros/Clinton connection.

Trump obviously knew this from the beginning, yet he has taken Kushner into his confidence, and rejected the man who helped put him in power, Bannon.

Although Trump is technically not a “traitor,” since he was never a sincere American firster, he is much worse than even Obama, for his deception. With Obama, one knew where one stood, but Trump got to power by lying to the American people. Whatever he does now, even if he builds a wall (which his Democrat successor in 2020 will tear down in the first two months after Trump is tossed from office), he has shown his true colours, which are not red, white and blue. He has destroyed his presidency and his honour, all for those who despise him, and will finally destroy him as a reward. Well, I hope he dies without a dime. The next Democrat president could make Trump Tower into a refugee shelter, if New York is not incinerated in the coming nuclear holocaust. Imagine the fun refugees would have doing workouts with sledgehammers on his great big marble table.

Time for critics from the Alt Right to unleash on him, with no reservation. Even joining with their enemies from the Left in peace protests, could be of a strategic advantage. No, wait, these antifa are so deranged that they can’t even do that, so scratch that idea:

But, let the lesson be learnt, that one cannot trust big business people, as a core metaphysical principle, as Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850) observed.

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