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Can't Get Enough Kerazy Bitchez
Demonic Divorce Rate Sky-Rockets—Get That Bitch Away From Me!

One Hot Bitch

Jeremy, I clicked on her picture and she's hot—and insane. Do you see those eyes, like she's ready to rape the cop taking the picture at the station! Just hire dindu cabbies, they won't mind getting raped by a big-titty white bitch.


An Ohio woman has been charged with raping and robbing a male taxi driver while an accomplice held the victim at knifepoint, according to investigators.”


“Brittany Carter, 23, was named this month in a two-count felony indictment charging her with aggravated robbery and rape in connection with the alleged attack earlier this year in Findlay, a city about 40 miles south of Toledo.”


“According to cops, “two black males and a white female” called for a cab to pick them up at a TownePlace Suites hotel around 4:25 AM. During the subsequent trip, police allege, passenger Cory Jackson, 20, pulled out a knife and placed it against the 29-year-old driver’s throat. While the victim was being held at knifepoint, Carter allegedly performed a sex act on the Trinity Express Cab Service driver. Before fleeing the vehicle, Carter and Jackson took $32 from the victim’s pocket, police charge. The driver, cops say, was not injured during the incident.”

Cops: Woman, 23, Charged In Sex Attack On Cabbie

Ohioan is jailed on rape and aggravated robbery counts


APRIL 10—An Ohio woman has been charged with raping and robbing a male taxi driver while an accomplice held the victim at knifepoint, according to investigators.

Devil Wives

This case sets an important legal and religious precedent. Clearly this problem of demonically possessed wives has become more widespread than heretofore thought possible.


The woman reportedly hurled a church pew at an altar during one of the episodes. File photo: Pexels

Italian man granted divorce after claiming wife 'possessed by devil' |

The Local


The woman had exhibited "inexplicable behaviour" since 2007, including fits, stiffening, and other "unusual phenomena", a Milan court heard. Her husband attributed the episodes to "demonic possession".

Her sister, as well as a priest and a Capuchin monk confirmed the strange behaviour, testifying that the woman - a devout Catholic - had at one point knocked over a church pew, hurling it towards the altar using just one hand.

Witnesses even claimed to have seen her levitate, before falling to the ground.

The Milan court tribunal acknowledged that the woman was "clearly agitated" but said she "did not act knowingly", according to Il Corriere della Sera daily. 

The judge ruled that the incidents couldn't be attributed to an illness, since the woman was judged healthy following by doctors and psychiatrists. Several exorcists had also attempted to cure her over the years, but to no avail.

The couple, who have two children, were eventually granted a no-fault divorce.

Italy had no provision for divorce until 1970 and the difficulties caused by this were the subject of a celebrated 1961 film "Divorce, Italian Style". The comedy features Marcello Mastroianni as a Sicilian noble who cooks up a plot to kill his wife in a crime of passion so he can be free to marry a younger model.

However, legislation which came into force last year made it easier and quicker to end marriages - prompting a 57 percent surge in the divorce rate.

Now only one year of official separation is necessary before couples can begin divorce proceedings, or six months in the case of a separation by mutual consent. Previously, couples had to be officially separated for three years.



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© Katrina Gross via AP Family photo of Tysen Benz.

An 11-year-old boy killed himself after his girlfriend faked her death. She’s now facing charges. Cyber bullying report.


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