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Tick, Tick, Tick
James' Nominee for Next President of the U.S.A. is Still at Large

The anti-government, anti-religion gun-thief and anarchist, Joseph Jakubowski, is still at large and has been on the run for six days as of this posting. The media narrative is that he is some kind of Right-wing fanatic. However, he actually qualifies as a Left-wing fanatic since he signed the recall petition for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in 2011.  Gov. Walker is a hero to Conservatives and a bogey man to the Left second only to the God-Emperor Trump himself. So maybe Jakubowski is some kind of cafeteria style crank who likes to pick and choose what he’s pissed off about. Maybe he imagines himself to be like one of the Leftist anarchists of a hundred years ago. Or maybe he is just monumentally confused about what he believes and why he believes it (no Polish jokes, please). One must presume that Jakubowski’s end game is just an elaborate case of suicide by cop and when he is finally run to ground he intends to go out in a blaze of glory, second only to Butch and Sundance. Well, we’ll see , won’t we?


© Angela Major IMAGE: Joseph Jakubowski manhunt

Ex-FBI Agent: Manifesto-Writer Is 'Ticking Time Bomb'

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