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'The More Odious' Threat'
Hall of Mirrors in Syria by Victor Davis Hanson

VDH weighs in. I like his conclusion. LOL!

Hall of Mirrors in Syria

Victor Davis Hanson Private Papers | April 10, 2017 11:09 am

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review

Syria is weird for reasons that transcend even the bizarre situation of bombing an abhorrent Bashar al-Assad who was bombing an abhorrent ISIS — as we de facto ally with Iran, the greater strategic threat, to defeat the more odious, but less long-term strategic threat, ISIS.

Trump apparently hit a Syrian airfield to express Western outrage over the likely Syrian use of chemical weapons. Just as likely, he also sought to remind China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea that he is unpredictable and not restrained by self-imposed cultural, political, and ethical bridles that seemed to ensure that Obama would never do much over Chinese and Russian cyber-warfare, or Iranian interception of a U.S. warship or the ISIS terror campaign in the West or North Korea’s increasingly creepy and dangerous behavior.

But the strike also raised as many questions as it may have answered.

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BobApril 12, 2017 9:29 PM GMT+4

ISIS is just a proxy force for the Israel/US/Saudi Arabia alliance (Israel treats its wounded and is never the subject of ISIS threats).

(((ISIS))) attacks in the West are intelligence gigs. The target is John Doe who must be conditioned into accepting the security apparatus' incursions into his private life.