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‘I Bought Him’
Shameless Slave Master, Thomas Ogle Wants His Boy Back

It is quite obvious from the names here that Irishmen were deeply involved in buying and selling their own folk. Even though their owners at the time, spoke of them as merchandise, modern historians still insist on characterizing servants in bondage as employees.

November 10, 1763

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN AWAY from the Subscriber, living in Christine Hundred, New Castle County, on Monday Morning, the 22d ult.

A Servant Man, a Blacksmith by Trade, can read and write, is a cunning Fellow, and I bought him by the Name of Daniel Dorthety, but has since changed his Name to William Armstrong, and it is likely he may change it again; he was born in the County of Donegall, near Belemefye, in Sonarlin, and brought into this Country from Ireland by Thomas Maglaery, Master of the Ship King of Prussia, from Dublin, but may change both the Name of Captain and Ship.

The said Daniel Dorthety is a grim looking Fellow, has short black hair, which turns into his Neck straight limbed, about 5 feet 5 Inches high, and has thick Lips:

had on, and took with him, A white Shirt, and a Check Ditto, Cloth Breeches, with Horn Buttons, a striped Vest, with the Stripes across, and blue Buttons, of divers Sizes, new Shoes, with gilt Buckles, a Pair of Stockings, near a Squirrel Colour, and a Silk Handkerchief. He broke open a Lock, and took out of a Chest the following Things, viz. One new brown Coat, with a falling Cape, a new Fur Hat, white Shirt, and a Pair of long white Trowsers.

Whoever takes up and secures said Servant, so as his Master may have him again, shall have Three Pounds Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by THOMAS OGLE, jun.

N.B. He was seen near Lancaster, and is supposed to be gone back.

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