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Bitch Disclaimer
Inspired by the Label on a Bottle of Chocolate Milk

The FT&A has found there to me no measurable difference in the testosterone level of men who read on this site and those who do not. However, a significant increase in submissive interactions with men, by women who read at has been reported. I have contacted Oliver Wendell Hayes, via Snipe, at the Tuscan Villa he’s staying at this week, for his interpretation of this data.

Oliver: “Well, it’s clear James, You can just read about smacking and macking bitches—actually, it works best if you do it the other way around, unless she’s a real, big, loud-mouthed bitch and then you have to set the tone right out of the gate—or you can get there and own some pussy. You’ve still got to practice actually dominating these bitches, they’re begging for it. Hell, this is actually quite a surprise—didn’t expect to be surrounded by Chinese bitches in Italy, but what the f—exactly…”

Sorry about that, we seem to have lost Oliver. But you get the idea, get a girl, make her read daily and just tell her how it’s going to be and her natural level of dysfunction will kick in and compliment your reassertion of the patriarchy from there.

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Nero The PictApril 13, 2017 9:09 AM UTC

How many beers did this post get written after?? Ha!
responds:April 14, 2017 11:27 AM UTC

This was totally sober.

I'm a nice drunk.

The upcoming Mescaline Fix #4, was. however, written under the influence.