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Humor, Sons and Toil in the Mountains
With Ishmael

Lost Mercedes

James, can you get in contact with Lynn or someone closer? On the 1-80 trail to the Left Coast, a semi driver lost a vintage Mercedes in Echo canyon this morning, about 3 or 4 of my paramedic buddy says to get in contact with County officials, or if you can find the trucker and turn him around and claim the vehicle, the owner is waiting upon delivery!

My Oldest Son

James, 18 or so odd summers ago I had Brock work his 3 months of work release from the secondary education system, to peel logs and work in the timber, learned to use a draw knife, axe, to trim logs for cabin kits. He stuck it out all summer, never complained to me personally once. I would have ignored him anyway, same treatment I would have received from my father. After he made it through college, he thanked me for abusing him. I told him I was grateful for his determination, and told him to thank his grandfather, not me, for I just pasted on the sacrifice we make for our family.

Using a draw knife builds strong forearms and grip strength, hard on your back and shoulders, when doing logs.

Watch "How to Use a Drawknife | Iron Wolf Industrial"
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