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Mescaline Franklin at Large
An Interview With Lynn Lockhart

Hi there, Mescaline,

I heard you are visiting James tomorrow, so I thought I would send you a few questions in case you are interested.

1. How do you know James?

I read his first book from Paladin Press and was hooked by the opening fight where he was getting his ass kicked in the supermarket. His descriptions and anecdotes paralleled mine in terms of dealing with black people and public transportation. I soon found my general rebellious attitude finding a kindred spirit. A letter was mailed care of Paladin and he wrote me back with his phone number and then we met up.

2. Where did you grow up? James says you have some very special local accent and I am very interested in those.

Somewhere in the Northeast, in between Jersey and New York. It is an abhorrent, working class accent and I despise it, yet it is useful in conveying both hostility and humor. When I enunciate so others can understand I think I sound effeminate. I also have a “street” accent aka ebonic dialect when talking with brothers, Hispanics, etc., that comes up almost unconsciously.

3. How old are you?

Old enough to remember the late 70’s as a child, afros, disco and Kiss posters. I look young for my age apparently. I consider myself as I currently am to have been (re)born in 1997.

4. Why don't you use your own name? Do you have an important day job or a unique family name?

I actually hate my real name just like I hate my accent. It’s useful to have a pseudonym in this Orwellian/SJW witch hunt world we now find ourselves in. I expect it to not matter in a few years as we all know “they” know everything and they can access everything on the net and whatnot. Till then I will get what money together I can.

5. Do you have any other online presence where we can learn more about you?

Not really, mostly through James’ site. I’m trying to do more IRL stuff, talking to people in Wal Marts and places like that. There are plenty of other E-celebs and “content providers” out there doing important work and having fun at the same time. I don’t have fun, anyway, this is all work to me.

6. Tell me about your photography hobby.

I have a cheap-ass camera whose lack of resolution (by today’s standards) creates an interesting effect in low light, almost like an Impressionist painting. It was just something to express creativity faster and I found it to be relaxing and then James started using some of them for covers for his books. There is some real surrealist imagery I like to go for plus old statues and what not. Atmosphere and Inhumanism as Jeffers talked about.

7. My uncle lives in Far Rockaway, but I have never been to NY at all. Can you recommend any attractions or restaurants?

New York City is a disgusting piece of filth and I would tell everyone to stay away. Philly is more redeemable and that place still sucks ass!

As for food, I like Vegeterian Buddhist/kosher spots.

I still like to see and photograph stuff in NY, Philly, Baltimore that was built in the post Civil War/fin de siècle/early 1900’s era. This was the crucial time when a true progressive Nationalism could have been instituted here. Like the alternate America seen in The King in Yellow. I like to imagine such a place in my mind. Now seeing the faded statues of hated white men who made today possible fills me with a kind of beautiful ennui.

8. I heard you like Asian girls, have you considered relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area? WM/AF pairings are the most common type here (even more common than gay couples). We are starting a new breed of Eurasians. How does your Yellow Fever fit in with your White Nationalism?

I currently have no liking or affinity for women in any capacity. I am what one would call a misogynist. San Francisco from all I have heard would probably be like living in Hell for someone like myself, it would probably make me like NYC or Philly again. Maybe hate is too strong a word but I dislike women intensely other than the ones from my past, most of whom are now gone. This is a challenge for me as I would like to marry and start a family. Life is all about challenges and struggles anyway.

James wants me to breed a new Eurasian master race so he is trying to steer me into that direction but I find race mixing in the end unfortunate, tragic and counter to white survival. You can’t choose who your parents are, I guess. Most half breeds will turn on their white half as the whole culture is now shifting in that direction. White people in general are weaklings who will betray their own rather quickly so more anti-white spawn is really not needed.

9. Have you traveled extensively? How has your travel or lack of travel impacted your worldview?

Never been out of Plantation USA. I have been a leftist and a liberal and now am an abominable Nationalist Anarchist/Socialist/Darwinist. I have seen enough to know that most people are assholes and useless. Rebuilding a new nation will require major changes in European descended people’s Being and culture. We have to try, even if it’s hopeless.

10. What are your daily reads? Where do you get your news?

Drudge report, TNN Raw, Colin Flaherty’s Youtube channel, Red Ice, Daily Stormer, Counter-Currents and of course with an assist from Jeremy Bentham.



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Mesc FranklinApril 14, 2017 5:24 PM UTC

good fortune? More like a miracle, lol!

I like vegetarian food even though I am an omnivore. a number of these chinese places are also kosher for some reason. Buddhist restrictions limit the spices but they find a way to season it regardless. Lots of 'fake' meat items which are delicious..and surprisingly cheap. Im sure SF is full of them with all the hippy boomers and vegan crust punks.

Hope I did not disgust you (or the other readers) too much.

Thanks for the questions!
LynnApril 13, 2017 2:29 PM UTC

Thanks, Mescaline, I wish you great good fortune, especially in marrying and starting a family.

Kosher/veg though—that has to be a joke!!??

Thanks again!