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Trump's Ethereal Wall
Illegals destroying federal lands, unsafe for camping

Park Service: Illegals destroying federal lands, unsafe for camping

Illegal border crossers are despoiling the environment in our natural parklands along the southern border, as well as endangering American citizens visiting those parks.

The Deportation Army

"The Trump administration is quickly identifying ways to assemble the nationwide deportation force that President Trump promised on the campaign trail as he railed against the dangers posed by illegal immigration.”

© John Moore/Getty Images A U.S. Border Patrol agent scans the U.S.-Mexico border while on a bridge over the Rio Grande on March 13, in Roma, Texas.

Trump administration moving quickly to build up nationwide deportation force

Even the Animals Can't Get Along

Mixed Species Martial Arts Update. A classic striker versus grappler matchup.

Video captures wild horse attacking alligator in Florida park

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